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The Future of SEO: Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords – is it a bane or boon?

Looking for long –tail keywords with low search volume may look as wastage of time and effort. But the truth is that the absence of long tail SEO strategy will hurt you.

What do you mean by Long Tail Keywords?

These are highly specialized keywords or phrases that help the user’s purpose. They have low competition & search volume with a typically high conversion rate. These keywords describe the desired product and revert with higher precision.

Importance of Long Tail Keywords



There are several benefits of long tail keywords. The main benefits of long tail SEO:

  • It has less Competition:  Long tail keywords are very specific in nature and their search volume is low. On the brighter side, it takes very less effort to make your targeted keywords rank high.
  • They have higher conversions: Long tail keywords are the ninja technique to discover the intent of the search.
  • Optimize for semantic search: Lot of people use voice search daily. These long tail keywords narrow down the search to make the answers more precise and unique. High targeting long tail keywords are extremely valuable for your company.

Finding Long tail Keywords

Finding long tail keywords is an easy task. You can create a generous list within a short time. You need to rank them according to your content and the relativity to your brand. These are a few ways by which you can build a database of potential long tails:

  • Create a record of seed keywords
  • Jot down Google’s auto complete suggestions
  • Jot down Google’s related search suggestions
  • You may repeat for Bing or Yahoo Search suggestions
  • Prepare a spread sheet and add the potential long tail keywords

Manually searching and feeding of potential keywords may be a difficult and unfeasible affair. However there are several software which makes the job much easier for you. As a reminder, we would like to caution you not to use Google Adwords.

Building content around long tail keywords

Gather around a list of long tail keywords that can optimize your page. The common thought process will guide you towards creating a separate page for each long tail keyword. If you can do it, nothing like it.  However it may not be feasible all the time. You may segregate and make a list of potential long tail keyword and match it to their intent.

Ultimate Conclusion

In this article we have fairly shared the idea of capturing long tail keywords and to use them advantageously. However they are as good as your content only. You may be producing your content and optimizing your pages to inculcate your long tail.  Please don’t forget to measure your traffic and rankings.  This will help you find more phrases and establish your reputation.

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